About Ximple

What We Do:

Specialise in consumer electronics

Help focus your marketing strategy planning

Capture your targeted audience

Boost and grow your target market

Marketing on Ximple

Developing marketing campaigns

If you would like to:

Reach your ideal target market

Expand your brand awareness

Lower your marketing cost

Increase your sales

If this sounds right to you, read on!

Ximple is an all-in-one platform that specialises not only in giving consumers all the best deals in the market, but we’re also dedicated to improve the consumer electronics’ business models. We want to help boost your sales and turbocharge your marketing effectiveness, so as to expand your brand awareness and reach.

Marketing campaigns are important to reach customers, clients and leads. They’re the game-changers that secure your transactions, that can help you grab your customers’ and prospects’ attention better than based on pure advertising. With the use of our Ximple platform, we aim to help you focus your campaigns through advertising, promotions, and/or product marketing.


Develop and increase brand loyalty, grow your customer base, and identify new opportunities


Increase product awareness, differentiate from competitors and develop your brand position

Our Offerings

Implement promotional campaigns, and purchase advertising space(s) to feature your product launches and/or clearance sales and events through the Ximple website.

Going green is one of Singaporeans’ greatest concerns now. As such, we introduced Xgreen to include environmentally- friendly product reviews to increase awareness of such products, as well as generic product reviews and recommendations through posts and videos.

Similar to notifications via text, or that Foodpanda notification popping up on your screen near lunchtime to tempt you to order delivery from your favourite vendor,

We also offer push notifications services as well as electronic direct mailers (eDMs), fully customisable, to market to the Ximple user base.

Naturally, we also make full use of social media to generate the most viewership and awareness.

Tying in with our product reviews, we also help boost sales promotions and our product reviews through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Last but not least, what good is a marketing campaign without measurable ROI and actual statistics? We not only help you with your marketing campaign planning, we also deliver your hard-earned results!

Our weekly reports detail marketing and advertising efforts, effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) to determine the actual advertising effectiveness and to highlight reach.

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