About Xpert

We bridge the gap between:




Challenges by Businesses

  • Difficulty managing and standardising multiple products and stores across marketplaces.
  • Limited marketing reach
  • Insufficient technological expertise sets retailers back from staying relevant to the competition.
  • Lack access to consumer data due to low warranty registration rates.
  • Unable to assist consumers with the ownership process for retargeting.
  • Requirement by authorities to collect and recycle e-waste.
  • Potential to form strategic alliances with public organizations and other business interests by going green.

The Value Proposition



If you lack:

Inventory management

Price management

Marketing reach

Product & store management

Technological expertise

We can help!

Our system includes:

Implement promotional campaigns, and purchase advertising space(s) to feature your product launches and/or clearance sales and events through the Ximple website.

Feature your store on our Price Aggregator

Integrate your product list seamlessly, promote your brand, and direct all sales to your eCommerce and physical stores.

Ready to grow your business?