4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

| May 2021

And their Budget Friendly Alternatives

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Ximple is again here to simplify gifting with these 7 ideas. In these special times where we cannot travel, people are stuck at home and health is a major concern, show your thoughtfulness and appreciation for that special person who has been taking care of you (or your children) with this specially curated list. Don’t worry, we won’t tell mummy that your shopping was last minute!

1) Fitness - Fitbit Versa 3

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Exercise is one way of working through all that pandemic anxiety - also #LockdownGoals. Between that and the recent trend of F45 and spin classes, perhaps a gift that helps mum keep track of her fitness goals and general health might be a good idea.

The elegant-looking, Fitbit Versa 3 is one great option if you are looking for a fitness-focused, smart watch with built-in GPS (for accurate exercise route tracking), more than 20 exercise modes, sleep tracking and SP02 (blood oxygen) tracking on top of the usual heart rate and activity tracking.

But a smart watch doesn’t just track fitness. The smart part of it implies access to tonnes of apps and a smart assistant. The Versa 3 also allows you to take phone calls (yes, just like the spies in movies), follow the guided breathing exercises for relaxation, tap to pay with Fitbit Pay, view phone notifications and send pre-set replies for your messaging apps. While most smartwatches also allow you to control the music from your phone, the Versa 3 can store music for the times when you want to run without your phone.

Time’s arrow neither stands still or reverses, it merely marches forward - and so too should your watch. Fitbit claims to have at least 6 days of battery life on the Versa 3, with fast charging capable of giving you a full day's use in just 12 minutes of charge.

Find prices for Fitbit Versa 3 here.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Budget Alternatives: Honor Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band 4

If mum doesn’t need all the features of a smartwatch, check out two of the best (under S$50 / RM 150) fitness trackers. While the Mi Band 4 has a 20 day battery life and is slightly cheaper, the Honor Band 5 has an expanded exercise roster and good sleep tracking.

Honor Band 5

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Click here for a review or compare prices.

2) Productivity / Smart Home - Lenovo Smart Display 7

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 For just S$50 more than the budget option (at the time of writing), the Lenovo Smart Display 7 offers everything you would expect of a smart display. It functions like a set of smart speakers with access to a smart home assistant. The Smart Display 7 allows you and mum to watch videos and Netflix (or Kdrama), do video calls, and pull up search results quickly. Be it as a control hub for your smart home, productivity assistant beside mum’s workstation or in the kitchen providing recipes and guidance, this Smart Display has got you covered! Did we mention, if you are afraid of being hacked, there is also a privacy cover which you can easily slide over the camera when not in use.

Find prices for the Lenovo Smart Display 7 here.

Budget Alternative: Lenovo Smart Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock has a display but does away with most of the features of a smart display. While you cannot do video calls or watch Kim Soo-Hyun on this device, it offers all the benefits of a smart speaker while functioning as a cool alarm clock. Trigger routine commands with the alarm clock and set alarms with your voice. Not everyone likes to talk when they just wake up, so this smart clock allows you to croak, “stop” to silence it without having to say, “hey, Google!”

Find prices for the Lenovo Smart Clock here.

3) Beauty and Personal Care - Yeelight Sensor Makeup Mirror

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Ever since circuit breaker / MCO / lockdown, we haven’t had as much chance to go out, but if looking good helps mum feel better, who is to stop her (or any of us for that matter), from dressing up for the small occasions or even just to stay home and have a nice evening!

Here to help is Yeelight’s Sensor Makeup Mirror. Because makeup looks different under different lighting, a good makeup mirror should also have multiple light modes. From simulated-natural lighting for skincare routines to various other light modes simulating different venues, this mirror helps you look the way you want in any setting. It even has sensors to auto-detect usage, lighting up when you need it for a hands-free experience (because sometimes mum needs both hands for her skincare routine or makeup).

Find prices for the Yeelight Sensor Makeup Mirror here.

Budget Alternative: Midea Table Makeup Mirror with LED Ring Lamp

For a more affordable option without the smart sensors and lighting modes, see Midea's makeup mirror instead.

Find prices for the Midea Table Makeup Mirror here. 

Other Alternatives: Grooming and Beauty Products

If mum doesn’t need a makeup mirror, there are also many other beauty products of various brands and price ranges that you can find and price compare for on Ximple.

From grooming products to facial massagers or cleansing devices, find prices here

4) Health and Hygiene - Philips UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp

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What better way to express your love for a parent than to take good care of their health and hygiene? Put your mind at ease with the Philips UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp. Simply set the UV-C lamp on any surface in the room, set the timer (15 minutes for a small room; 30 for bedrooms; 45 for larger rooms) then leave the room for the duration to come back to a fully disinfected room. The lamp deactivates all sorts of germs, including: viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi. Channel News Asia has even reported that it “degrades coronavirus quickly”. To make the lamp extra safe for loved ones and pets, the lamp also has in-built sensors to detect people and animals to avoid exposing them to the UV-C rays.

Find prices for the Philips UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp here.

Budget Alternatives: Mistral Cutlery Steriliser Lamp and Midea Disinfection Cabinet

If you are looking to also sterilise your cutlery, the Mistral Cutlery Steriliser Lamp costs under S$20 (as of writing) and the Midea Disinfection Cabinet can be used for dishes.

Find prices for the Mistral Cutlery Steriliser Lamp here.

Find prices for the Midea Disinfection Cabinet here.

5) Bonus - iPad Pro (2020)

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Do we even need to explain this one? Netflix, productivity, all at your fingertips! If you can afford it, and mum and dad are stuck at home, perhaps an iPad Pro would be the perfect gift! Get it now with great savings when you compare prices across the various retailers.

Find prices for the iPad Pro (2020) here.

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