7 Green Ways To Dispose Your Old Electronics For Spring Cleaning

| January 2021

Marie Kondo-ing While Protecting Our Earth

Along with the new year comes our urge to scrub out 2020 from our minds. This means spring cleaning and Marie Kondo-ing all our old stuff. But before you yeet all your unwanted electronics and home appliances down the garbage chute (or if you can’t because they are way too massive), consider the following green options to help protect our collective home- Earth.

These need protecting, they in turn protect our homes.


There is no greater gift than the gift of giving. Cliche as it may sound, the saying does have a point. If your items are still working, there may be others who might benefit from it. This also helps extend the lifespan of your pre-loved belongings, thereby reducing waste and helping the environment. However, make sure to only donate functioning items and remember to include any charging cables and wires. Having to repair or replace parts is a financial burden that the needy may not be able to afford. Check out the following for a list of possible donation options:

1) The Helping Hand

The site functions as a notice board for both item requests and donors to put up notices for their pre-loved items. Pass-it-on then helps link up donors and the needy.

2) The Salvation Army

Donated items are sold cheaply at Family Stores to raise funds for the less privileged, especially those in children’s homes like GraceHaven and The Haven.

3) Humanitarian Organization of Migration Economics

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

HOME protects the legal rights of migrant works, championing welfare, empowerment and advocacy. They also take donations of household appliances, computers and healthcare equipment.

4) Singapore Freecycle Network

This is a forum connecting people looking to give pre-loved items with those seeking the same items, with the goal of reducing waste for a more sustainable Earth. Unlike previous options, anyone can respond to a posting here However, donors also need not pay for transportation costs on this platform.


If donating is unsuitable or not feasible for you, consider recycling. There are only that much natural resources our Earth has, not to mention landfill spaces run out too! If your appliances are too bulky, some of these options could possibly help with the logistics too. If you're going to have to arrange for disposal of bulky items with the town council anyway, why not consider one of these recycling options:

Don't let precious resources go to waste!

1) NEA's lists of recycle bins.

There are over 500 recycle bins for electronics across Singapore. Follow the above link to view a map or find their exact address.

An example of how some of the bins look like, though different companies have different-looking bins.

2) STEP UP Sustainability: install their app.

Alba-WH is one of the biggest waste management companies and the main disposal company for electronics waste in Singapore. They provide pick-up from your address, and other services, which can be arranged through their app. Alternatively, they can also be contacted on their Facebook page.

3) Junk To Clear?

A bulky, waste disposal and management company. They have Priority Same Day services and operate all 7 days of the week. They also provide online quotations and are able to come on urgent, short notice to clear both your electronic appliances and furniture. These will then be recycled as much as possible.

Saving our Earth

Waste disposal has increased seven-fold in Singapore over the past 40 years, and will run out of landfill spaces by 2035 if nothing changes. Malaysia also faces a similar predicament, with waste disposal having more than doubled over the past 15 years. As mentioned previously in this blog post, e-waste is especially harmful to both people and the environment. You can also read more about it from government experts here. There are also tonnes of valuable resources in our electronics that go to waste if we don’t donate or recycle. For example, the gold in our mobile phones alone, is 100 times more than what you can extract from 100 tonnes of gold ore.

Don’t make Cai Shen Ye angry by wasting gold- recycle!

2020 was already a crappy enough year for many of us, so start the niu year right, start it on a clean- and GREEN- slate. Happy new year and happy spring cleaning everyone!

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