Find the lowest price when Shopping in Singapore

Wong Wai Jeat
| October 2018

How to Get the Lowest Price When Shopping in Singapore

Many people travel to Singapore from neighboring countries with the specific intent to take advantage of its malls and stores. Singapore is known for providing one of the best shopping experiences in Asia. Not only is every major retailer and store present in the country, but the prices are also very competitive.

Most shoppers like to take advantage of every deal on the table. If they do not pay the lowest possible price for a product, they understandably feel frustrated for not saving that extra money.

Singapore retailers that have a “Lowest Price Match” policy are a big draw for serious shoppers. In the past, though, the process of finding the best deal was time consuming and complicated as it involved manually searching various online sites to find the best available price from a Singapore online or physical retailer.

XimpleThings changed all of that for those looking to get the best deals.

Using the app

The bargain hunters and even regular shoppers that have discovered Ximple have been pleasantly surprised at how useful the app can be. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, this app makes it so simple to find the lowest available price on an item.

All they need to do is search for the item they’re about to buy, check out the different available prices and narrow it down to the lowest one. It is even possible to put items on a wish list to see when they go on sale from various retailers.

How to save money at retail stores

We’ve had many users tell us they knew that they would be using Ximple for every transaction from the first day they installed the app. One user told us about an instance where he was at a mall and found a Bluetooth speaker which he wanted to buy. This user noticed the price was quite high at the retailer, but there were signs around the store mentioning a lowest price match guarantee.

All he did was to take out his phone, search for the product name on Ximple and see the lowest price in the market. He was happy to find the lowest price was less than the store’s price! He took the item to the cash register, showed the sales clerk the lowest price on the app and let them do their thing. It does take a few minutes, as the clerks have to independently verify that price from the other retailer’s website.

When all those checks were complete, the clerk happily added the discount to the user’s bill and he was able to pay the lower price instead.  

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A win-win transaction

Such apps create a win-win situation when people are out shopping for clothes, electronics, jewelry or other items. Not only did one user manage to get the lowest price on the Bluetooth speaker they wanted, but the physical retailer made a sale. Instead of having to buy items online, customers can go to their favorite retailers and get the same discounts in person. 

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