xGreen: E-waste Management Pt.1

| May 2020

Current Situation

Picture a hot, sandy wasteland. In front of you lies multiple man-made mountains: tall, impressive, and imposing. They will stand the test of time, remaining unchanged for generations.

Stock image of the Great Pyramids of Giza

  That’s right, this week, Ximple is talking about the great pile of… electronic waste (or e-waste) that we generate annually.

Oops, the last one was the wrong picture. Photo Credit: Global E-waste Monitor 2017

These are no ancient structures, but indeed, our annual e-waste weighs as much as 9 Giza pyramids, or all the commercial airplanes ever built (>44 million tonnes) (source). Speaking of planes, Singapore itself produces the equivalent weight of 220 Airbus A380s (or 60 000 tonnes) in e-waste annually (source). Meanwhile, Malaysia averages 8.8kg of e-waste per person in 2016, way more than the global average of 6kg (source).