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The best of Google’s products

The best selling products from google range from their smartphones to smart devices. Google always seem to be coming out with new gadgets, or they are iterating on already great ones. The 5G-capable Pixel 5 is the latest to join the smartphone family, following the incredibly affordable Pixel 4a Android device.

The best Google smartphone of 2020: Google Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a is probably the best phone Google has made in years. It is a lower-cost, mid-range phone that is long-lasting, high quality and has a great camera. The 5.8-inch screen is bright, crisp and has reasonably slim bezels all the way around. The display does not offer the 90hz refresh rate as some of the more expensive competitors, but it does have HDR certification for watching movies. The Pixel 4a has a bigger screen than its predecessor, but an overall smaller body. It is one of the smallest phones that has been released in 2020 and feels great in the hand. The back of the device has a traditional fingerprint scanner and the phone uses Google’s face unlock, which works brilliantly for unlocking the phone. The bottom uses a universal USB-C socket for power and the speakers produce amazing sound. The phone does not have wireless charging nor an official water-resistance rating.

In general, the Pixel 4a’s performance is overall good. The battery lasts a solid full 31 hours between charges and the camera is better than the price may suggest. It even has a headphone socket which is a true rarity in 2020.

The best Google smart devices of the year

Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub is a Google-centric smart home, it uses Google Assistant to respond to all the same voice commands as a Google Home smart speaker. The touchscreen displays additional information when it is asked about the weather, restaurants and more. It also uses a smart home hub to watch videos and to view pictures. The Nest Hub is a great kitchen helper, it can walk you through recipes as you cook. By plugging it in or setting up your Wi-Fi network using the Google Home app, the Nest hub can answer any question you’d ask.

Google Nest mini

The Google Nest mini makes another good smart home addition. It is the second generation of Nest minis and offers all the same Google Assistant-enabled voice commands as the rest, plus extra intercom functionality and stereo pairing with multiple minis. The audio quality of the Nest Mini is surprisingly good, especially in this second-generation model.

C by GE bulbs

Once you have set up your multiple control points with a smart display or speaker, the next thing you need is a smart light. The C by GE bulbs are Bluetooth smart bulbs that are able to use Google Home as a bridge. The bulbs can be set up from the Google Home app and controlled from your Google device anywhere in the house, within a certain proximity range. What’s even better, is that the bulbs communicate directly with your Google device. Its response time is therefore incredibly quick.

Join the Google Family!

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