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Fitness Trackers


Fitness Tracker Price Guide in Singapore 

Keeping track of how many steps you walk or the precise distance of a run is a challenge. Rather than trying to guess how much exercise you’re getting, invest in a fitness tracker watch – they are lightweight, comfortable, and full of useful features. You can even pair a fitness tracker with a smartphone for maximum usefulness. Read our guide below to choose the best fitness tracker for you.

How to Choose the Ideal Fitness Tracker For Your Use Case

Improving your fitness may be one of your priorities; perhaps you are hoping to lose weight, gain muscle mass or achieve peak fitness for an upcoming competition.

One of the issues for people who exercise is knowing how much they have exerted during a session. While you can set a timer to try and assess how long you exercised, you may not have a full understanding of how many steps you walked or ran.

A fitness tracker is the best way to assess your total movement, both during workouts and in your daily life.

Using a fitness tracker watch is effortless, as you treat it like a regular wristwatch until you want to see your daily steps or calories burned.

If you are not sure about the make or model to purchase, we have put together a guide to help. Read on to discover the best fitness tracker in Singapore and learn about the various features that may be appealing to you in such a gadget.

Choosing a Fitness Tracker

Rather than reading random fitness tracker reviews online, you should spend some time thinking about why you want the device. Are you seeking a stylish wristwatch that includes some fitness features? Or would you prefer to buy the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor and other perks?

The best fitness tracker is not necessarily the one that has the highest reviews, but the one that best fits your needs and budget. Below are some factors to consider as you choose a fitness tracker.


There are three significant styles for smart fitness tracker wristwatches. You can either get a fitness tracker that has an analog watch face design, a large LCD screen, or a narrow LCD screen.

If you have a slimmer frame and smaller arms, you may want a fitness tracker with a very narrow LCD screen. Such a tracker would still allow you to read the time, date, and relevant fitness details on the screen, but you would not have a bulky watch on your wrist all the time.

People who have larger arms may not have an issue with the bigger fitness tracker watches. Keep in mind that comfort is very important with a smart watch, as you must keep it on nearly 24 hours a day.

Display Quality

Fitness trackers come with many different display types, with the more expensive models having high-resolution color LCD screens. Budget fitness trackers are likely to have smaller LCD screens that may only provide limited information on the watch face.

If you wish to access all your fitness data on the wristwatch, you should invest in a model that has a larger, high-resolution screen. Those who do prefer a slimmer watch can still access all that information, but they may have to use the accompanying smartphone app on their iOS or Android device.

Fitness Features

Some of the most common fitness features available in smart watches include GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, calories burned calculations, swimming tracking, sleep tracking, and more.

Fitness enthusiasts must invest in a smart watch that has state-of-the-art GPS technology. Only with a functioning GPS can your smartwatch detect and record your activity throughout the day.

Heart rate monitoring is useful for fitness purposes, but not essential. If you want to know how much you are exerting yourself during a workout, knowing your heart rate may help. But even if your fitness tracker does not have this feature, you still get plenty of information from GPS tracking.

If you have a health condition that requires consistent monitoring of your beats per minute, a heart rate fitness tracker may be very helpful in your circumstances.

GPS Tracking - Built-In vs. Linked

As mentioned above, GPS functionality is an essential aspect of a fitness tracker. The issue is that some of the budget models on the market do not have built-in GPS tracking, as they rely on data from your smartphone to understand your activity levels.

Unless you want to keep a smartphone in your pocket every time you exercise, you should invest in a fitness tracker with built-in GPS tracking. Even if the device does link to your smartphone, it must detect and record your movement independently.

Water Resistance

Smartwatches with fitness tracking usually have a few different levels of water resistance. A watch with 10 meter resistance can only handle rain and splashes, while 30 meter resistance implies that a quick shower with the watch will not harm the device.

If you are seeking a swimming fitness tracker that you can wear inside the pool, look for watches with 75 to 100 meter water resistance.

Additional Perks

Most fitness trackers come with perks to entice customers into purchasing their products. The most reputable brands in this sector offer free fitness tracker apps that you can access for 12 to 24 months.

Such applications are accessible on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The app links to your fitness tracker, download relevant data from the device and presents that information in various graphs and charts.

Achieving your short and long-term fitness goals is a lot easier when you have so much workout data to analyze. You can understand the areas where you are strong and the aspects of your workout that may require improvement.

For those who are ready to invest in a fitness tracker to achieve their health goals, below are five of the best fitness trackers in Singapore.

1. Xiaomi Fitness Tracker - Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Fitness Tracker

2. Garmin Fitness Tracker - Garmin Vivosmart 4 - Slim Fitness Tracker

3. Samsung Fitness Tracker - Galaxy Watch3 

4. FitBit Fitness Tracker - Fitbit Charge 4 - Swimming Fitness Tracker

5. Aibi Fitness Tracker - Aibi AB-PD199