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Mouse Price List in Singapore 

Your computer’s mouse is one of the main ways you interact with it, and different mice offer different features for the user. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, an office worker, a computer programmer, or something else entirely, get a good idea for which mouse might be right for you with our guide to the best mouse in Singapore.

Best Mouse Options for Interacting With Your Computer

Anytime it comes to interacting with your computer, you know you are going to need two essential pieces of kit to handle the task. You are going to need a keyboard for all of the typing you are going to have to do, and of course, you are going to need a mouse to point, click, and generally interface with your machine. 

Whether you are a hardcore PC gamer, a developer, or a working office professional, having a great mouse by your side will help simplify a number of tasks that you handle on your computer every day. So, with that in mind, what are some of the very best computer mouse products available on the market for you to choose from? 

How to Choose a Mouse

When trying to decide which mouse is going to be the best option for your particular use-case, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind when deciding which option to settle on. If you are a gamer, you will want a mouse that is comfortable and laden with shortcuts you can take advantage of in the middle of an intense gaming session. 

Conversely, if you are a programmer or someone working on their machine all day, you will want a mouse more suited to office work or ergonomics to maximize on the amount of comfort and usability you get out of using your mouse for hours on end each day. 

With these prerequisites in mind, check out some of the top picks for the best mouse options for sale today.

Best Gaming Mouse: Razer Deathadder V2

Ask any serious gamer about some of their favorite computer peripherals, and you will be sure to hear the name “Razer” at some point or another. Known for making high-quality gaming peripherals for PCs and game consoles, the Deathadder V2 Razer gaming mouse is no different. 

This is certainly one mouse you can count on in the middle of a high-intensity gaming session. With configurable Chroma RGB lighting, side buttons for in-game key shortcuts, adjustable sensitivity, and more, this mouse is practically begging gamers to use it. 

If you are serious about performance when it comes to gaming with your mouse, especially if you prefer wired mice to wireless alternatives, then you will have a hard time coming up with a better option than the Razer Deathadder V2 mouse.

Best Budget Gaming Mouse: Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse

What if you are looking for a high-quality gaming mouse, but don’t necessarily have the funds to pay top-dollar for it? If this sounds like a situation you are in, you won’t need to search much further than the Corsair Harpoon RGB gaming mouse for a high-performance and affordable option. 

Corsair has always been known for their work in creating quality computer peripherals, and the Harpoon RGB mouse is no different. While it might come packed with features you expect to pay for top-end gaming mice, it sure doesn’t seem like it by the price, and it certainly comes loaded down with some nice features right out of the box. 

It has a nice RGB lighting setup so you can easily see your mouse in the dark while playing your favorite games, along with low click latency and a high polling rate. With a good range of customization abilities, this is a gaming mouse you can truly make your own. 

If you aren’t a fan of wired gaming mice, then this option might not be your favorite. However, if you prefer the feel and performance of a wired mouse over a wireless or Bluetooth model, and you want a quality experience without breaking the bank, then the Corsair Harpoon RGB mouse is certainly worth a look.

Best Wireless Mouse: Apple Magic Mouse 2

Spend some time trying to name a company who is as well-known for their stylish and chic hardware as Apple, and you might find yourself struggling to come up with an answer. With such high-end products as the Magic Keyboard and the previous-generation Magic Mouse under their belt when it comes to designing quality computer peripherals, the Magic Mouse 2 is no different. 

Working office professionals and computer programmers can rejoice with this mouse – it is highly portable and able to be taken anywhere, to be used with almost any computer. It is wireless, so there is no need to worry about carrying around a separate USB cable with you if bringing it places to work.

The Apple mouse is also rechargeable, so whenever you have exhausted its power, simply plug it in and allow it to charge, and you can go right back to using it wirelessly once again. Anyone who embraces minimalism and comfort, eschewing wires and the like, will most definitely agree that the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is among the top when it comes to the best wireless mouse options available today. 

Best Ergonomic Mouse: Logitech MX Vertical

What if you want to keep ergonomics at the top of your list of concerns when thinking about which mouse you should purchase for your office? Office professionals know just how high the risk of something like carpal tunnel is from using a mouse and keyboard all day, and products like this Logitech mouse work hard to bring some comfort and ergonomics to your workspace. 

The Logitech MX Vertical is no different – this mouse was designed with comfort and utility in mind. Sitting at a 57 degree angle, it is made to reduce pressure on the wrists while working, and has a few nice features you might not find on other ergonomic mouse products, including: 

1. 4 programmable buttons

2. A high sensitivity – up to 4000 DPI

3. Bluetooth connectivity

If you want to go wireless with your ergonomics and pick up a mouse made for someone with comfort at the top of the list of concerns, then the Logitech MX Vertical is probably right up your alley.

Which of These Mouse Options Will You End Up Picking?

As you can see, there is no shortage of quality mouse options out there for everyone. Whether you are a serious gamer looking for the best gaming products for your machine, or someone who spends hours working away on their computer, a great mouse should be at the top of the list of products you should buy when it comes to how you interact with your machine.

Rest assured, with one of these high-quality options, you will be able to find the perfect addition to your current setup.