Powerbank Price Guide in Singapore 

Having a smartphone with less than ten percent battery is never fun, especially if you are out of the house or office. Avoid losing the use of your smartphone by investing in a reliable powerbank to charge your phone on the go. You can even buy a high capacity powerbank to charge your smartphone and laptop simultaneously. Below is a guide that makes it easy to invest in the best powerbank to fit your needs.

How to Choose the Best Powerbank

Experiencing a situation where your smartphone is running out of battery is never pleasant. If you are near your house or office, you could head back to charge your phone and then go back out. The issue is a lot worse, though, when you can’t stop anywhere for several hours. A powerbank is often the best way to charge your phone in these circumstances. 

Choosing a powerbank to purchase is a difficult decision, because most people do not know the ins and outs of how powerbanks work. Below is a guide that explains how you can choose the best powerbank for your needs.

Understanding Capacity

The capacity of a powerbank is how much charging you can expect to get before you need to recharge the powerbank. When you are considering the capacity of various powerbanks, you have to decide what you will be charging with that powerbank.

Are you only planning on using the powerbank for your phone? Or do you have a tablet or laptop that may also need charging using this power source?

The capacity of powerbanks is usually measured through millamp-hours. That is why you may often see the phrase mAh when you are purchasing a powerbank.

A powerbank’s mAh should be significantly higher than whatever you will be charging using that powerbank. Say you have a smartphone that has a 4000 mAh battery. If you wish to charge that smartphone at least two times using a powerbank, you need one that has a minimum 8000 mAh.

Those who need a laptop powerbank will need one that is at least 20000 mAh, as most laptops have batteries with a very high capacity. 

How Many USB Ports Do You Need?

As you consider various powerbank models, look at how many USB ports they have on them. Some powerbanks are only meant to charge a single device at a time, which means they will have one USB port for charging devices and another for charging the powerbank.

If you are planning to charge more than one device with your powerbank, you may want to charge these devices simultaneously. That means you need a powerbank that has at least two USB ports.

Most of the powerbanks that have multiple USB ports also have a higher mAh, which ensures the powerbank has enough capacity to charge two or three devices.

Unless you are thinking about charging an entire family’s worth of electronic devices using the same powerbank, you do not necessarily need a model that has four or five USB ports. A quality powerbank with two or three ports for charging should be sufficient for nearly every use case.

How to Recharge Your Powerbank

Another important factor to consider when buying a powerbank is recharging it. Some powerbank Singapore models use standard USB 3.0 connections to charge, which can be very slow. Such a powerbank may take hours to recharge, especially if it has mAh capacity of 10000 or more.

There are quality powerbanks on the market in Singapore that feature USB-C charging. Such a powerbank is not only future-proof due to the USB-C connection, but will charge a lot faster than a standard USB connection. 

If you plan to use your powerbank regularly, you must make it a habit to charge the powerbank every night. Even when the device has USB-C charging, a powerbank with 20000 mAh capacity will take roughly two hours to recharge.

Forgetting to recharge the device when you are at home or in the office would limit how much you can charge your smartphone and/or laptop when you are on the go.

Additional Features

Everyone has different requirements when they are buying a powerbank. Some may want the highest capacity device, while others want unique features that will set their product apart from others.

If you have a phone that supports wireless charging, you may want a powerbank that does the same. A wireless powerbank would be very useful, as you only have to place your phone on top of the powerbank and it will recharge at a steady pace.

Keep in mind that wireless charging is not energy efficient, which means you are generating a lot of heat and limiting how many recharges you can get out of each full charge on your powerbank.

Another interesting feature in powerbanks is solar charging. If you have a solar powerbank you can recharge the device using the sun’s solar radiation.

Keep in mind that such a feature is still very experimental, which means you are unlikely to get a full charge by keeping your powerbank exposed to the sun. Such a feature is only useful as a last resort if you are going camping or hiking and cannot recharge the device using a power outlet.

Invest in a Durable Powerbank

Powerbanks are devices that you use on the go. You may take out your device while you are at a coffee shop, boarding a train, or scrambling to catch the next bus.

Powerbanks should be durable, otherwise, they are not going to be very much of use to you in the long term. Invest in a powerbank that offers some drop protection or purchase a carrying case for the device.

Other protective features in powerbanks include over current protection, over-voltage protection, and overheating protection. Such features are essential, as they can prevent anything going wrong with your powerbank or the device it is charging.

Buying electronics from unknown brands is always a risk, but it is a huge gamble when it comes to powerbanks. These devices must be of the highest quality, as you do not want to experience degradation of the mAh capacity or overheating of the powerbank.

Powerbank Review - Top Models 

Below are the five best powerbanks you can buy today.

1. Xiaomi Powerbank - Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank 10000 mAh

2. Samsung Powerbank - Samsung 2-in-1 Portable Fast Charge Wireless Charger and Battery Pack 10000 mAh

3. Anker Powerbank - Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 mAh

4. Huawei Powerbank - Huawei 12000 mAh SuperCharge Powerbank

5. GP Powerbank - GP Batteries Powerbank MP10MA 10000 mAh