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Notifications on Your Wrist: The Best Smartwatches Around

One of the most popular technological innovations to occur since the rise of the smartphone is probably the smartwatch. These devices act as a companion app to your iPhone or Android smartphone, using Bluetooth to keep your phone and your watch connected. 

A smartwatch can display notifications from your phone right on your wrist in real time, so you don’t need to pull out your phone for every alert. You can also use a smartwatch to assist you in fitness-related goals, too.

So, thinking about looking into getting a smartwatch of your own? There are so many different kinds out there, including smart watches for women, smart watches for men, cheap smart watches, or something else entirely, you will be able to find something to match your style. 

The best smartwatch for you will vary depending on what type of smartphone you have and what style you’re going for. Make sure you’re paying attention, so you can check out a quick roundup of some of the very best smartwatches currently on the market.

The Best Smartwatch for Fitness: Fitbit Sense

If the objective you have in mind for your new smartwatch is to help you keep better track of your health and fitness goals, then you won’t have to look too much further than the Fitbit Sense to get the job done. Not only is this new smartwatch from Fitbit very sleek and nice looking, but it also has a feature set that you won’t want to miss out on, easily making it the best fitness smartwatch. 

When you pick up a Fitbit Sense of your own, you can get some of the following great features.

A long battery life

The Fitbit Sense will keep your workouts and notifications powered for hours on end. The battery is officially rated to last for up to six days, but you should remember that the amount of battery life you get out of your watch will vary depending on how you use it.

A suite of health and fitness applications

This is Fitbit, after all, so you can expect it to continue living up to the established Fitbit name with some of the usual features on board. With the Fitbit Sense, you will have access to a heart rate monitor, step counter, blood oxygen reading, and even skin temperature. How cool is that?

Fitbit Pay, Alexa and compatibility

Your Fitbit Sense will also come with the ability to make mobile payments over NFC using Fitbit’s proprietary Fitbit Pay technology. This smartwatch also has Amazon’s famous Alexa virtual assistant built right in to help you with your everyday tasks, right on your wrist. 

These are a few of the reasons why the Fitbit Sense is easily the best Fitbit smart watch you can find today. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so no matter which platform you’re on, this watch should be compatible with your phone.

The Best Smartwatch For iOS: Apple Watch Series 6 

For folks who are looking for the very best options when it comes to smartwatches for iPhone, you’d be hard-pressed to try to find an option better than Apple’s own Apple Watch. The new Series 6 comes loaded with features, making it the very best option you can get your hands on if you are looking for the perfect companion for your iOS device. 

Here are some of the coolest features you can expect to enjoy if you decide you pick up an Apple Watch Series 6 for yourself:

New always-on display

Having to try to make your watch light up whenever you want to see what time it is can be a grind, so having an always-on display can be a great way to avoid this scenario. The Series 6 has an energy-efficient display that stays on to show you the time without eating away at your watch’s battery life.

The usual Apple fitness applications

Choosing the Series 6 also grants you access to some of Apple’s first-party health apps based on HealthKit, Apple’s native framework for building health-related applications.

Siri right on your wrist

One of the premier parts of choosing iOS for the last several years has been Siri, Apple’s own virtual assistant. Picking an Apple Watch also means you get Siri right on your wrist. Simply press the digital crown on your watch at any time to get Siri to play a song for you, make a call, send a message, or anything else Siri is capable of doing on your iPhone or iPad.

The Best Smartwatch For Android: Moto 360

Folks looking for the best Android smartwatch only need to take a peek at one, and that is the Moto 360. Popular in its original form several years ago, the Moto 360 is back again, ready to impress with an array of nice features you won’t want to miss out on.

A large, circular display

One of the most-loved things about the original Moto 360 was its large, circular display that showed you your notifications without getting in your way. Get your messages and calls clearly on the touchscreen, and interact with them or dismiss them as needed.

WearOS functionality

The Moto 360 is powered by WearOS, Google’s version of Android for smartwatches. This means it will integrate nicely with your Android phone, and allows a nice range of customization options that Android fans love, along with Google Assistant built right in.


You don’t have to feel like you’re going to break your Moto 360 if you accidentally brush it against a wall or even drop it, as it is made of stainless steel that will prove durable over time. This also makes it easy to clean when you begin to notice smudges or fingerprinting on your watch. 

The Moto 360 is compatible with both iOS and Android, but you should keep in mind that thanks to being built on Google’s WearOS, it is one of the very best Android smart watch options you can choose thanks to its deep integration with the Android ecosystem.

You Know What Time it Is

It’s time to get yourself a brand new smartwatch! These days, it will be simple enough for you to find a smartwatch that will match up with your style and the platform you are on. Regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android, you will find that there is a smartwatch out there for every phone and every style.