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Embrace The Finest In Life With All-In-One AI Cooking Robot
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38 Functionalities In 1 Machine
A Portable Kitchen
AI-Powered Recipe Recommendations
Personalized To Suit Your Palates
And Dietary Needs
Hassle-Free Cleaning Mode
Clean Effortlessly With Just A Tap
1770+ Continuously Updated Curated Recipes
Meticulously Developed By Professional Chefs
Asian Culinary Fire Control Technique
Achieve “Wok Hei” With Aromatic Perfection
180°C Fume-Free Cooking
Healthier Meals, Cleaner Kitchen
CookGPT: Revolutionizing Kitchen Experience
CookGPT is an AI assistant that continuously learns from global culinary cultures, cooking methods, and nutrition data.

Tailoring recipes to your needs, CookGPT offers personalized recommendations based on users' health data, preferences for ingredients and flavors
Your AI Smart Nutritionist
CookGPT actively engages you in real-time, providing guidance by addressing your inquiries regarding nutritional information during the cooking process.
Need to lose weight, want muscle gain, or keep your cholesterol under control? Input your health data and objectives, and CookGPT will curate and recommend recipes that will work towards your dietary goals!
Smart Ingredient Scanner
Simply provide ingredient details or take scan pictures of the ingredient via the KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT App, and CookGPT will suggest recipes based on the ingredients you have that factor in your taste preferences and health requirements.
Innovate Recipe According To Your Taste
Want to experiment or change or change of flavour? Enter your special requirements, and CookGPT will fine-tune existing cloud-based recipes, incorporating them into your personalized dietary plan. Partner with CookGPT to become an 'innovator,' crafting entirely new recipes tailored just for you.
38 Functions In 1 Machine
A 0.1m² Compact Kitchen With Portability.
Multiple Cooking Capabilities To Craft Delightful Dishes With Ease.
Specialized Blades
Select the appropriate blade for different ingredients to achieve the desired texture and consistency.
Multi-Functional Blade
For All Types Of Grinding And Mixing
Stir-frying Blade
For All Types Of Stir-Frying
Kneading Blade
Simulates Hand-Kneaded Dough To Achieve Perfect Texture
Butterfly Whisk
Perfect For Whipping Cream And Egg Whites
Fume-Free Cooking With Up to 180°C High-Speed Heating
Experience the essence of asian culinary with our rapid heat technology, allowing the machine to reach up to 180°C in just 1 minute, achieving the coveted "Wok Hei" flavor.

Our temperature control technology ensures precise regulation from 37°C to 180°C, effectively maintaining cooking temperatures below the 190°C smoke point. This feature prevents the formation of fumes and grease, providing you with a fume-free cooking experience that promotes healthier and cleaner cooking practices.

10 Preset Heat Levels
Easily adjust the heating to your desired level with 10 preset options or set a specific temperature as needed.
Your Personal AI-Powered Chef, Dedicated To Your Diet And Well-Being
An AI nutritional expert that crafts recipes personalised to your unique tastes and dietary needs.
Personalised Nutritional Recipes For Every Lifestyle
Our team of professional dietitians meticulously calculate the nutritional value and calorie content of each dish.

Explore meal plans, including 'Three Highs Meal,' 'Postpartum Meal,' 'Weight Loss Meal,' Maternity Meal,' 'Baby Meal,' 'Women’s Health Meal,' and more.
Embark On Culinary Adventure With 1770+ FREE Curated Recipes
From East to West, savor culinary delights skillfully crafted by professional chefs.
Give Full Play to Your Creativity with KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT
Connect with users worldwide, gain likes, comments, receive valuable feedback, and earn rewards by sharing your delicious recipes on our platform.
Coveniently Prepare A Three-Course Meal All At Once
Savour the luxury of time by simplifying cooking process with minimal effort.
No More Hassle With Auto-Clean Function
Effortlessly cleans stubborn food residue with no hassle of post-meal cleanup. Just activate the automatic cleaning function and KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT does the rest for a sparkling clean jar.
Maximize Your Kitchen Space
Discover the space-saving solution that replaces the need for multiple cooking appliances.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What materials are used for the major accessories?
The major accessories are made of high-quality materials. The jar features a 304 stainless steel liner, the steamer is composed of 304 stainless steel and glass, the blades are made from 304 stainless steel, the butterfly whisk is crafted with food-grade silicone, the filter basket is constructed from 304 stainless steel, the spatula is designed using food-grade silicone, and the sealing rings are composed of Food Grade Silicone.
How many operating languages does KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT support?
KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT supports two operating languages: English and Chinese.
Is KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT user-friendly?
Yes, absolutely! Much like using a new mobile phone for the first time, you can easily familiarise yourself with KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT's basic operations through its user guide. Additionally, each function comes with a dedicated video tutorial that you can watch as many times as needed.
Can KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT function as a high-speed blender?
Yes, KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT can function as a high-speed blender. It features a specialised grinding function, and we've designed an efficient blending blade for this purpose. Beyond that, KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT boasts an impressive 38 cooking functions, allowing it to replace the need for various single-function kitchen appliances.
Are the recipes free?
Yes, all recipes are completely free! Rest assured, any future updates to these recipes will also be available at no additional cost to our valued customers.
How can I find out the recipes in advance?
You can access the recipes in advance by downloading our app "KitchenIdea" from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
How many recipes are available?
KODY 29 AI+ CookGPT currently offers over 1,770+ recipes as part of its first batch selection. However, our dedication to continuous improvement means that we will keep developing and testing new recipes every day, expanding the collection significantly in the future. Stay tuned for an ever-growing variety of delicious recipes!
Who are the masterminds behind the recipes?
Our recipes are the masterpiece of a dedicated team of professional chefs. Moreover, we are actively pursuing a "collaboration recipe plan" that involves talented homemade chefs, food bloggers, and our valued customers. This means that your most beloved recipes could soon be showcased and shared with our entire user community.
How can I create my own recipes using the machine?
You can utilise the "recipe creation" function to craft your own unique recipes.
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