5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Smart Home Security System

Leong Wah Sion
| April 2022

These are some security devices that you should seriously consider for a safer home.

Whether you live in a gated community or a relatively safe neighborhood with low to zero crime rates, having a smart security system for your home is always a good idea. 

Based on statistics for both Singapore and Malaysia, crime rates have increased over the past few years, and this upward trend in the two countries is nothing short of alarming.

However, it is unfortunate that many people still don’t think that it’s necessary to have a smart security system for their homes. 

They would rather just rely on their residential area’s security personnel, install grills on doors and windows and use old-fashioned padlocks to provide safety and security for their homes.

Some people do not see it as a necessity but as an unnecessary luxury when in actual fact, having smart home security is a good investment and even an essential.

Though a smart home security system is still considered new to some, it’s truly an emerging technology with a lot of potential.

We have some pretty great reasons for you to consider having a smart home security system as well as some suggestions of the best smart home security devices you might want to check out.   

Monitor Smart Home Security Virtually From Anywhere & Anytime

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Even while you’re away from home, having smart home security allows you to conduct smart home monitoring at any time and in real-time. 

All you need is to have your security cameras with surveillance installed, an internet connection and also your smartphone or laptop to do the monitoring.

Having a smart security device such as a security camera for your home is especially useful when you’re away. It’s a convenient way of virtually checking up on your elderly parents, your kids coming home from school, the arrival of your parcels and even your pets.  

You can also opt for a smart home security device for your front porch that functions as a camera with two-way audio. This is useful, especially in facilitating contactless communication, which enables you to see and speak to the person on your front porch from wherever you are through your smartphone or other handheld devices.

Security Camera with Talkback Feature Recommendation

        1) TP-Link Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera ( Malaysia / Singapore )

        2) Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° ( Malaysia / Singapore )

        3) Kyla Gen 1 Smart Pan Tilt IP Camera ( Malaysia / Singapore )

        4) Loosafe Wireless Wifi Video Doorbell Smart Alarm System ( Malaysia / Singapore )

Please note that the Kyla Gen 1 Smart Camera and Loosafe Wireless Doorbell Smart Alarm are currently out of stock in Singapore and Malaysia. New stock will be available in the near future.

Smart Security System Enables Convenience in Accessibility

ASUS Smart Home Lock DL101

Say goodbye to fumbling around for your keys, and hello to the smart door lock system.

Another great reason for having this smart home security device is that it gives you convenience when it comes to accessibility to your home.

This smart home security technology allows you to set up passcodes to lock and unlock your doors.

Having a passcode is also convenient if you’re having a house sitter or guests staying at your home while you’re away as you can set up a temporary one for them to use during their time there as a safety measure. 

Check out some of the best smart security systems with smart door lock features on Ximple. 

Smart Home Door Lock System Recommendation

        1) ASUS Smart Home Lock DL101 ( Malaysia / Singapore )

        2) Samsung Smart Digital Door Lock SHS - P718 ( Malaysia / Singapore )

        3) Kyla Smart Door Lock KSFT-510-ZB ( Malaysia / Singapore )

Please note that the Samsung Smart Digital Door Lock and Kyla Smart Door Lock are currently out of stock in Malaysia. New stock will be arriving soon.

Get Real-Time Security Alerts with Smart Home Security 

Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm IA-320

Some smart home security devices also come together with effective alarms. If set off, you will even receive a notification through your smartphone.

At the end of the day, you are armed and prepared should there be any kind of emergency. Of course, no one wishes to be robbed or have their house catch on fire. 

However, in the event that these kinds of emergencies do happen, having a home that utilises smart home security gives you the opportunity to take action accordingly when you are alerted.

Smart Home Device Recommendation

        1) Kyla Smart Home Sensor K-SEN-140-ZB ( Malaysia / Singapore )

        2) Minute Smart Home Sensor Alarm MT-P2 ( Malaysia / Singapore )

        3) Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm IA-320 ( Malaysia / Singapore )

Please note that the Minut Smart Home Sensor Alarm and Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm are currently unavailable in Singapore and Malaysia. Whereas, the Kyla Smart Smoke Sensor is only available in Singapore. New stock for all products will be arriving in the near future.

Your Property Can Increase in Value with Smart Home Security System

Did you know that the value of your home or property adds value if it utilises smart home security technology?

Homeowners are also advised by appraisers to get a smart home security system installed before they sell off their property.

Today, most home buyers are on the lookout not only for a comfortable home but a safe and secure one too. So, having a smart security system is definitely an enticing home feature for those looking to buy a house.

So, whether you are renting your property out or selling it, having smart home security is definitely a plus point.

Have Better Peace of Mind with Smart Home Security System

The ultimate reason that you should own a smart home security system is to give you peace of mind knowing your home, possessions, as well as your loved ones, are safe and secure from unwanted threats.

Because truth be told, we will never know if or when such threats will come as they normally come ‘like a thief in the night’. However, a smart security system definitely gives a sense of assurance and confidence about our safety and security at the end of the day.

Want to find the best home security device that meets your needs and budget, check out all the Alarms & Security Systems on the Ximple website.

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