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| December 2020

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Between our busy schedules, worrying about 2020 and trying not to crowd shopping malls (due to Covid-19), many of us will probably be doing our Christmas shopping last minute and online. If you have not gotten your christmas gifts, don’t worry, this article will make it simple. When it comes to price-comparing, Ximple has got your back. We have done the leg-work for you and compiled a list of gift ideas sorted by interest categories and budget ranges! Check them out below!

Gift exchanges are always a hassle because we don’t wish to give or receive pointless clutter. However, it can be difficult shopping for something useful and meaningful that fits the budget. To make things worse, most gift idea articles and videos only showcase the expensive stuff. So, here at Ximple, we have taken the liberty to also collate some of the more affordable gift ideas for you.

Under S$10 / RM 30

Gaming - The SonicGear Xenon 2 Gaming Headset

For its price, it provides decent sound quality and an attached microphone, more than adequate for the casual gamer.

Click here to see prices.

Audio - Audio-Technica, JBL, SonicGear, Skullcandy and others.

Many of the audio giants also have affordable options. You may be surprised to hear just how many of them are affordably priced, while still sounding surprisingly good. One such example, is the Skullcandy JIB, though the others are just as splendid.


Portable Speakers

Under S$20 / RM 60

Gaming - Alcatroz Alpha Stereo Gaming Headphones

Another affordable offering by Alcatroz. This gaming headset has adjustable ear cups, a foldable microphone, and is suitable across mobile and PC platforms.

Click here to see prices.

Audio - SonicGear Portable Speaker Titan 2

Its aesthetics plus the sound quality makes this speaker a charm. The RGB colours also brings life to any party. That said, there are many other options in this price range, and we don't want to limit your choices, so here, take a gander at them all:

SonicGear Titan 2

Other Portable Speakers

Household - Mistral USB Fans for WFH

With more of us working from home these days, sometimes it starts to get hot and stuffy, but we also don’t want to increase our electricity bills and carbon emissions by too much. Well, here’s a good idea for an office gift exchange or as a present for your parents: USB fans that come in stylish designs!

Click here to see prices.

Under S$50 / RM 150 

Kids - JBL Jr Pop Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

It comes in many adorable colours, sounds good, and have we mentioned? It’s waterproof! This small and lightweight speaker is perfect for a day out with the kids or even just for them to carry around the house. Watch the video review for a sound test, both before and after it gets dunked in water.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Fitness - Honor Band 5 & Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The best, low-priced fitness trackers in the market. While the Mi Band 4 has a 20 day battery life and is slightly cheaper, the Honor Band 5 has an expanded exercise roster and good sleep tracking. Both are sleek and cool.

Honor Band 5

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Gaming - Armaggeddon Nuke 11 Gaming Headset 

Stylish, comfortable and affordable. If you don’t mind the slight bulkiness, this headset has a clear treble with a decent bass and works well for the price.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Audio - JBL Clip 2 / JBL Tune 500

(Singapore) Clip 2 - the best, ultralight, rugged, portable speaker out there. It may not have the best sound quality compared to less rugged options, but it can be clipped to your backpack and has an IPX7 water resistant rating. Compared to similar products, it also has an excellent treble, mid-range and bass.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

(Malaysia) Tune 500 - This is perhaps the best noise-cancelling headphone of this price range. It also has a good build quality, with no frills, yet sporting its own, unique, simplistic charm.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Household - Mayer Kitchen Appliances

Multi Function Baby Soup / Porridge Cooker (MMDB700)

If you have a toddler, or if you are cooking for yourself, it is sometimes difficult to cook small portions. This often leads to limited cooking options or having to take out. Now, there’s the perfect gift for that.

Click here to see prices.

Blender Chopper (MMBC19)

An essential for food prep, this Mayer product is sure to be a helpful tool in the kitchen. Blender choppers are typically used to chop or mince fruits, vegetables or even meat, but can also be used to puree or blend liquids and solids.

Click here to see prices.

Induction Cooker (MMIC1619)

Be it at home, in the office, in camp or in a student’s place of residence, an induction cooker will undoubtedly be one of your best friends. Without all the hassle of a stove, there are tonnes of things that you can cook with one of these: from hotpot to instant noodles, or even omelettes and pan-seared fillets.

Click here to see prices.

Some people are worth the extra effort-- some people like your loved ones and yourself. 2020 has been a tough year, you and your loved ones deserve the extra pampering in place of the overseas vacation we all deserve. Check out our higher-end gift ideas too!

Under S$100 / RM 300

Kids - Fitbit Ace 2

Staying healthy starts from young, who says only adults need fitness trackers? Having the hardware of the Inspire, this iteration is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, being both waterproof and stain resistant. Your children can wear this anywhere! And it comes in fun colours too!

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Fitness - Fitbit Inspire HR

One of the best budget, fitness trackers, it boasts 15+ exercise modes, tracks your swimming and your sleep.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Gaming - Razer Viper Mouse

Though not wireless like the Viper Ultimate, and with slightly inferior feet, it is also a lot more affordable and lightweight compared to its higher-end cousin. Indeed, it is one of the better, wired mice on the market.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

If you or the person you are gifting to are console players, the following console controllers are also within this price range. Get one to play together!

- PS5 DualSense & PS4 DualShock Controllers

- Xbox One Controller

- Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Audio - Sony WF-SP700N True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds are noise-cancelling but have an ambient sound mode that allows you to remain aware of traffic. Combined with its IPX4 water resistant rating, these earbuds are perfect for athletes and commuters.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Household - Mayer Air Fryer 

Lazy to eat out, craving a midnight snack or suddenly needing finger food for a party? An Air fryer will always be there to save the day.

Click here to compare prices.

Above S$100 / RM 300

Kids - Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

What better way to make new memories than with an instant camera? The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 comes in a variety of colours, including a Star Wars and Frozen 2 themed design. It's easy to use and takes great pictures, check it out below!

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Fitness - Best Fitness Tracker and Sports Watch 2020

Fitbit Charge Series

For those looking for the most feature-packed activity band, capable of tracking and suggesting levels of exertion according to your age, look no further than the Fitbit Charge 4. It also has Fitbit Pay. Or, if you are looking to save a little and do not require a professional-grade fitness tracker, the Charge 3 is almost as good, with only a few less features.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Garmin Fenix 6 Multi-sport Watch

On the other hand, if you aren’t afraid to splurge and would love to own the best, top-of-the-line sports watch out there, the Garmin Fenix 6 caters to a wide variety of sports and has the specs to meet its price tag.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

If you are a fan of Garmin but want to find something more affordable, click here for a list of other Garmin watches.

Gaming - Razer Naga Trinity Mouse

Razer’s most versatile mouse, with its swappable side-panels (so that you can switch between an FPS or MMO layout) and 19 programmable buttons. This mouse also sports a very low latency and is one of the best Razer mice out there.

Click here for a review or compare prices.

Audio - Best Earbuds 2020

Once budget ceases to be an issue, the options are endless: from the best sound quality and noise-cancelling function, to the longest-lasting batteries or the best sporting earbuds, check out the top-notch, best earbuds of 2020.

Click here for a review or compare prices for:

Sony WF-1000XM3

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Bose SoundSport Series

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Apple Airpods Pro

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