Enjoy your FIFA World Cup Watch Party with CE Integrated Air Fryer Oven - 5 Whys

If you consider football your lifeblood, It’s FIFA o’clock for you!

Leong Wah Sion
| December 2022

Even if you don’t share the same interests with your loved ones—indulging in your favorite food and summoning your inner chef during this time while hanging out with your people is never a bad idea. That’s why the convenient CE Integrated Air fryer Oven should be your number 1 companion for this year’s FIFA World Cup Watch Party. Do you want to have a ball this FIFA World Cup season? Then here are 5 reasons to opt for Air Fryer Party Food and start feasting!

1. Up to 80% Oil Reduction


It’s safe to say that the health benefits of using an air fryer are firmly established in the cooking sphere. However, the majority still resort to oil. Therefore, it’s important to remember that the air fryer cuts down calories by 80%. Not to mention, using as little oil as possible, the CE Integrated Air Fryer Oven helps you keep cancer at bay. 

This means healthier meals for everybody without compromising the quality of food. In other words, more fries and snacks for your FIFA World Cup Watch Party.

2.  12.0L Rotating Fry Basket


Simply put, the CE Integrated Air Fryer Oven is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Its 12-liter rotating fry basket is the ideal capacity to provide Air Fryer Party Food for a whole family of heavy eaters. So, no more fussing about food running out. 

3. 10 Available Frying Presets


Imagine when your friends and family are watching the game, and you’re stuck inside the kitchen cooking for everybody. Not so fun, is it? Needless to say, you’ll miss out on more than you’ll watch. Don’t fret. With the CE Integrated Air fryer’s 10 available frying presets, you can sit back and relax while one button takes care of the food. Once the food is done, a sound alert will let you know that it’s time to dig in! 

4. Easy Cleanup After Using


Showing off your culinary art is all fun and games until it’s time to clean up. But, with this air fryer, cleaning is a breeze. After all the small eats are fried, just take the fry basket and food tray out and use a bit of water and dish soap to rinse them. What’s more, this air fryer’s Digital touch control panel further allows you to clean its surface with zero hassles. 

5. It’s 100% Safe 


The CE Integrated Air fryer is manufactured with safe materials inside and out. Moreover, the Safety Function of the heating pipe network disk and the Automatic shut-off safety features ensure that nothing goes wrong and spoils your cooking venture. 

What it all fries down to..

If you’re having a FIFA World Cup Watch Party this year, you know that it calls for exquisite food. But, surrounding your family and friends with guilt-free food is a top priority too. 

So, if you want to tick every box in a must-have healthy kitchen appliances checklist, CE Integrated Air Fryer Oven is definitely going to be your best option. To purchase a CE Integrated Air Fryer Oven for an affordable price of RM439, head over to Xstore now! You can also become a member of our Xstore and enjoy loads of benefits. 

Now your folks can focus more on FIFA and less on their waists with healthy Air Fryer Party Food. 

Disclaimer - The price of the above-mentioned product is subject to change without further notice. 

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