Introducing XimpleThings

Wong Wai Jeat
| September 2018

Discover the Best Electronics at Their Lowest Prices with XimpleThings!

Need to know the best price for a mobile device? Want to buy a new T.V. at its lowest price?

Give XimpleThings App a try!

The technological world has shown immense growth in the past two decades. From inventions of smartphones and laptops to development of user-friendly applications, it has seen it all.

With the ever-progressing market of electronics, demand for them has skyrocketed. Hence, consumers are always looking for a deal: top-end features at the lowest price and a better warranty. This is where XimpleThings comes into play!


What’s that? You might ask. Well, here it is!

XimpleThings: An overview

XimpleThings was established in Singapore in February 2017. The XimpleThings App is an informative one-stop platform: it provides the latest prevailing prices of electronic devices, and keeps track of the warranty purchased.


Be a savvy consumer, and use XimpleThings to get the best deal in town!

Here are some of its key features!

Easy search mechanism

The XimpleThings App comes with a user-friendly search tool, providing ease and efficiency. Consumers are able to search up an electronic product by text, or by taking a photo of the device’s brand, model name or number.


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Price Aggregator

This particular feature offers a convenient way for consumers to compare the various prices of a specific product. Without any hassle, consumers can now figure out where to get the best deal.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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Warranty Tracker & Registration

The Warranty Tracker & Registration feature helps a customer who has bought any electronics product, to keep track of the product's warranty. Upon registration of the product on the App, the platform stores proof of purchase and sends notifications regarding expiring warranty of the product.

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Wishlist Price Watch

Another important feature is the App’s wishlist price watch mechanism. This feature automatically updates the prices of a product that has been added to a user’s wishlist, so that the user can monitor the price movement since added.

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Well, what are you waiting for? Find amazing products at their lowest prices!

Download the app now, available on both IOS and Android platforms!

Happy shopping! Be a SMART SHOPPER, SMART OWNER now.




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