Ximple Reviews: Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro

| August 2021

Yeeluminate Your Work and Gaming Space

Lately, with all the working from home, I sometimes jump in my seat when I turn on my webcam to see a zombie with bed head and tired, googly eyes - only to realise that’s just myself. While the hair can only be solved with a little grooming, today’s product did help me with my eyes (stick with us to the end for a discount code).

Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro Desktop Setup

Working with improper lighting can be straining on our eyes and often gives me a headache. This is why I wanted to find myself a brightly lit desk lamp. However, the Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro did me one better with it’s 2-in-1 RGB backlight and an adjustable, smart main light that is suitable for reading, working, movies, gaming and more.

Check out our quick video here:


Usual disclaimer: the screen light used in this review was a loan set provided by the folks at Yeelight Singapore by TTG. Ximple receives no compensation for this review and as usual, we try our utmost to highlight both pros and cons to empower end consumers.


Click here for a full set-up manual. While the light works simply by connecting it to a power source, you will need the Yeelight app on your smartphone to access its full functionality.


Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro Box

As we received a display set, we were unable to do an unboxing for you, but from the pictures, the packaging looks amazing.

Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro Unbox

Inside, you’ll get:

        1) A light bar (the main lamp with RGB backlight)

        2) An anchor block (the mounting block for the light bar)

        3) A dimmer knob remote control

        4) A USB type-C power cable and plug

        5) A product manual

Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro

Maybe it’s the geek in me, but the light bar really looks like a lightsaber.

The components we received were impressively light, except for the anchor block, which was well weighted to ensure the light bar stays in place and will not slip. The light bar is mounted with strong magnets and the connection point allows for a 25 degree rotation. This rotation allows you to illuminate your entire work area if you have a bigger desk.

Remote Controls

To insert your batteries, rotate the top lid counterclockwise to unlock the battery compartment. With the remote control, you can dim or brighten the main light, change the colour temperature (2700-6500K) or toggle between the lighting modes. For a full list of the remote control functions, check out the manual linked here.

Yeelight App Controls

Besides the obvious controls already mentioned, both the main and ambient (RGB) lights have separate customisable modes. The two lights can also be used in conjunction or separately.

There are 6 preset modes on the home tab: Cozy Home, Tea Time, Game, Movie, Reading, Office. Each of these were expertly set to match the colour temperature and brightness required for their respective circumstances. As you would expect, the potentially distracting RGB ambient light is set to switch off in the Office mode.

Main Light

Besides the available presets, you can also customise new modes based on your needs. Warmer light temperatures have an orangey hue, are easier on the eyes and help aid relaxation. On the other hand, cooler light temperatures appear bright and white; they make you more alert and illuminate your work space better too.

Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro Demo

Warm lighting is good for light, bedtime reading. It also improves ambiance when you are chilling with some Netflix.

Desktop Lighting

Cool lighting is great for work and when you need to be alert.

Ambient Light

Each of the preset RGB effects is highly customisable, allowing you to cycle through all the colours evenly or do so with a pulsating, “breathing” effect. You may even wish to have the light flow directionally from left to right, right to left, inside out or vice versa. Or just stick to 1 colour if that’s your favourite. You can even adjust the brightness of the RGB and choose which colours to use for the effects.

Smart Home

Using the Yeelight app, you can also set timers or schedule the lights to turn on or off and certain times of the day. You can even automate routines so that the light bar switches on or off along with other Xiaomi and Yeelight devices at home.

The Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro also works with smart assistants like Mi Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Razer Chroma and Overwolf

Razer Chroma and Overwolf

Fans of gaming and Razer products will also be delighted to know that the Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro also syncs with both the Razer Chroma platform and Overwolf for even more customisation and lighting modes. This would allow in-game events, such as using an ulti or being attacked, to flash certain pre-designated colours for immersion and warning. Through Razer Chroma, you may also sync the audio output of your computer with the RGB lighting effects (for use with music and movies) - think old school Windows Media Player visualisation but in RGB across all your Razer Chroma devices simultaneously. A demonstration of the former can be found in our video above, or click here for more information on Razer Chroma and Overwolf.

User Experience

Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro Review

Areas for Improvement

The initial experience of trying to set up the software side of things was a little fumbly. If, like us, you run into problems pairing the light bar to your app, simply switch on and off the main power supply 5 times to reset the light bar (the lights should then start flashing/ pulsating to indicate that it has been reset), before attempting to pair once again. Do also take note that Razer Chroma will take priority over any Yeelight app controls, so you might want to disable Razer Chroma for normal use.

If you’ve watched the video, you might also notice that it is easy to disconnect the light bar when trying to adjust the angle of rotation, so take care to be gentle when doing so (I was being brutish on purpose for testing). That said, once properly connected, the magnets are really strong and the light bar cannot be dislodged by knocking your monitor. I don’t know why you would do that, but I have seen how some of my gamer friends react to winning or losing. So, for the sake of you guys, I did try pushing my monitor around to test it (please don’t try this at home, don’t be that internet meme guy who punched a hole in his monitor).

Wonderful Areas

Despite the initial set-up hassle, once it was working, the light bar was truly a joy to use. Not only did it function smoothly, the various modes and gaming functions were really fun. At its maximum, the light was really bright and facilitated late night working and studying - which is just wonderful for us night owls. The ambiance afforded by the Cozy Home warm lighting was also really relaxing to have on for some late night Netflix.

From a practical standpoint, the angle of the main light was also conducive to the user. Unlike other screen light bars, it avoided shining into our eyes and instead illuminated our entire desks. A couple of us were truly enamored and considered buying the light bar for ourselves.


As with most things in life, there is no clear answer to this one. Ultimately, if you already have a really good desk lamp and aren’t a big fan of RGB lighting, the light bar does cost more, even if it is an upgrade. However, if you spend long hours at your desk, especially at night when it's dark, the Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro is wonderful for both work and leisure. While the set-up and the need to be gentle do pose minor inconveniences, the light bar more than makes up for it with the long term benefits of having good lighting, the conveniences of the smart functions, the fun and joy that comes with RGB (with and without Razor Chroma), and the versatility of the various modes and customisations.

If you have stuck with us thus far and are keen on getting one of these, click here for SGD $20 off your purchase (valid 2 weeks from date of publish)!

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