Grow and Earn with Ximple

Xircle Business is a referral incentive program built upon Xircle Membership.
As the community of Xircle members expands,Business Managers of Xircle
Business share a part of the growth!

Build a business while helping your peers save more with exclusive deals.

Access attractive products and bonus credits as part of growing community of smart users.

Leverage on Ximple's growth strategy to bring your business to the next level.

Own time,own target

Xircle Business Managers are incentivised with commissions when they refer Ximple users to sign up as

Xircle members, and when Xircle members purchase products and services from Ximple.

Be rewarded with more benefits:

Gain benefits worth more than $5000 instantly as a Xircle Business Manager.

Complimentary Xircle Membership

with upgraded welcome gift and X$ bonus

Exclusive Membership Discounts

selected products and services


X$ Rebates and Discounted X$ Top-ups

5x Transferable 1-year Xircle
Memberships(includes accompanying
welcome gifts and bonus X$)
Upgraded Welcome Gift
Upsized Sign-up Bonus

Sit in with us.

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receive updates on our upcoming briefing.